1) Generative AI Chatbot (LLM – Large Language Model)
Chatbot using Generative AI ( LLM – Large Language Model) and RAG(Retrieval – Augmented Generation)

2) Stock Trading Chart
Stock Trading Chart Using Technical Analysis

3) E-Commerce Store
Demo for American Express’s Gift Card Division

4) E-commerce Store:
Demo for Sundance Catalog

5) Full Stack – Task Tracker:
a Task Tracker web app using Full Stack ( MERN stack – React, Express, Node.js, MongoDB, Realm, GraphQL, Javascript)

6) Dashboard for React:
a dashboard using React

7) React-Redux-Sage To Do List:
an MVC To Do List using React, Redux, and Saga

8) Dashboard for Angular:
a dashboard using Angular

9) E-Commercial Store 2

10) Computer Vision – OpenCV
Detect Human Face on camera using OpenCV

11) Graphic Gallery
Slide Show of my old artworks

12) Radial Tree Map: 
Collapsible Radial TreeMap using D3js, JavaScript, JSON, CSS, and HTML