Demo Projects

1) E-commerce Store:
Demo for Sundance Catalog
2)E-Commerce Store
Demo for American Express’s Gift card Division
3) E-Commercial Store
4) E-Commercial Store 2

5) ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning 2:
username: admin (Password:demo )

6) CRM-Customer relationship management:
username: admin (Password:adminpassword)

7) Stock Market Chart
8) Web Proxy: Bypass a Firewall
Allow user to browsing the internet without reveal their identity, the proxy will hide their IP and location
9) Matrix Falling Code Effect
10) Moodle – eLearning Management System
Demo E-learning Management System for FranklinCovey

11)Graphic Gallery:
12) Apartment Listing Service:

13) To Do List by Angular:
an Todo List using Angular

14) : Radial Tree Map: 
Collapsible Radial Tree Map using D3js, JavaScript, JSon, CSS, and HTML